GoKaizen's On-Demand Solution!

Sell to every customer - for every device - every time!

GoKaizen is the leading on-demand solution for mobile repair stores in over 30 countries, and we’re growing fast in the USA. We are building new partnerships across the country. If you’re still trying to sell pre-cut screen protectors, it’s time to turn the page – and enter a new age. No more turning customers away. GoKaizen’s on-demand solution will enable you to sell to every customer – for every device – every time!

Enjoy all the benefits of an on-demand solution.

Boost your business! Grow your profits!

No more headaches trying to order the right stock. No more running out of stock for popular devices. No more running out of space, storing excess stock. No more suffering losses as a result of dead stock. Now you only order and store what you need – to sell to every customer, every time.

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Our custom-designed software gives you instant access to whatever customers want – when they want it.

GoKaizen’s on-demand solution for mobile devices means you only carry what you need  – to sell top-quality screen protection to every customer who walks through your door.

GoKaizen’s Mobile App

GoKaizen’s Mobile App is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, giving you instant access to thousands of templates for screen protectors. What’s more, our software is updated with the launch of every new device, so you’ll be ahead of the competition.

Shipping from the USA

GoKaizen ships to US customers from California, so delivery is fast and efficient.

Quality Protection

All GoKaizen screen protectors are ball-drop tested at two meters, so they’re tough! What’s more, our screen protectors are shatterproof! Our best in class films offer clarity and durability, while retaining sensitivity. Flat screens, curved screens, phones, tablets – even wearables. Give your customers the protection they need.

Easy Installation

GoKaizen screen protectors are cut in seconds, and easy application simplifies the installation process, leading to seamless placement and bubble-free results.


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